Is Online Learning For Me?

Online learning is an exciting and convenient way to pursue higher education. Students taking online classes work independently and must have a great sense of self-discipline. While online learning provides great flexibility, more time is generally spent with online learning than attending a traditional class.

Curious if online learning is right for you? Take this short quiz:

  1. Do you know how to send and receive email messages?
  2. Do you stay on task without direct supervision?
  3. Do you know how to attach a file to an email message?
  4. Can you prioritize your workload?
  5. Do you know how to copy and paste text from one document to another?
  6. Can you learn from limited instruction (reading and completing assignments)?
  7. Do you access your email account on a daily basis?
  8. Do you enjoy technology?
  9. Can you run the specific applications you need on a computer?
  10. Can you easily understand and follow written instructions?
  11. Can you create and manage files on your computer?
  12. Can you allocate 10-15 hours a week for your online course?
  13. Are you comfortable assessing your own progress?

If you answered NO to any of the questions, we suggest that you consider enrolling in CIT 105 - Introduction to Computers or DLC 100 - Digital Literacy in a traditional classroom. These courses are offered to equip students with the skills needed to successfully complete online courses. After successful completion you may want to consider Learn on Demand for future courses.

If you answered YES to all of the questions, you may be a good candidate for online courses.
Students who are successful in these courses are able to work independently and structure their time wisely. A great deal of the material covered in online classes requires students to learn by reading from various sources. And of course, an important aspect of online learning is to make sure that your computer meets our technical requirements to support your online learning experience.