Learn by Term FAQs

What is KCTCS?

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System consist of 16 community and technical colleges across the state of Kentucky. KCTCS offers certificates, diplomas and degrees. Learn more aboutour colleges and campuses.

What is a Home College?

Anyone who takes a KCTCS class must declare or be assigned a Home College. The Home College provides all the services to students that are provided on campus. The Home College admits you, advises you, bills you, provides your grade report, maintains your financial aid paperwork, etc. Importantly, the KCTCS Home College is the college that confers the degree credential. Students must be formally admitted at a KCTCS College before the student's Home College will officially enroll the student in an online class.

What are college admission requirements?

A student enrolling at a KCTCS college for the first time must file an application for admission. Students who are re-entering the community or technical college after being out for one or more semesters must update their admissions records with the admission office. Students may be admitted to a community or technical college as freshmen, as students with advanced standing from other institutions, as visiting students, or as non-degree students. KCTCS colleges admit students who have graduated from a public high school or certified non-public high school; who have earned a high school general equivalency diploma (GED); who are eligible to pursue a GED; or who have graduated from a noncertified high school or have completed a home school curriculum and are subject to the ability to benefit criteria for KCTCS financial aid purposes and to the KCTCS Assessment and Placement Policy.

How do online students take tests?

Many instructors will place the test online for you to take and submit for grading. Many require one or more proctored tests. A "proctored" test is one where someone monitors you while you take the test. See the Testing Locations for Proctored Tests for a listing of where you could choose to go to take a proctored test. Also, Please read Student Responsibilities for scheduling proctored test. Some online classes require a combination of online tests and proctored tests.Please read your course syllabus carefully to understand the class requirements.

What if I need to have adaptive software or equipment to access the Internet?

Students with documented disabilities need to see the Disabilities Coordinator at their Home College and inform their instructor. The coordinator and your instructor will discuss possible measures.

What if I need to drop a class?

Inform your instructor first. Only the records office staff at your Home College can officially drop you. See Records Office staff for your registrar's name and number.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

Most of the classes require a textbook while others provide students with options to purchase digital content or rent a textbook. Read the course syllabus for that information. See Learn by Term Distance Learning Bookstore Information, or order independently through various commercial Web sites such as Amazon.com.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Contact the financial aid officer at your Home College or apply online.