Below is a list of Learn By Term Advisor contact information for each college. 606-326-2413
All BCTC Online Students should visit Academic Advising. If you cannot find the needed information at this link, please contact or telephone 1-866-774-4872 x56331.
 Sharon Hays 270-706-8641
Academic Advising Center 859-442-1630

Hopkinsville Distance Learning Support Contact: ADVISING CENTER 270-707-3820
Ed Morris 270-686-4608
Jami Evans 606-878-4833
Director of Advising Sherry Tinsley 606-589-3074
  Joe Sutton 606-248-0768
  Ron Brunty 606-589-3220
  William Taylor 606-589-3262
  Richard Call 606-589-3238
  Crystal McFall 606-589-3327
 Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Kevin Lambert 606-589-3305
Deanna Shelley 270-534-3349