Policies and Agreements

Transfer to KCTCS

Are you interested in transferring to KCTCS from another college or university? KCTCS is the perfect fit. No matter which one of our majors you choose, your classes will be smaller and taught by actual faculty. You'll find an array of programs and services to assist you in completing your degree. And you'll get the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to achieve your goals.

Admission Information

Ready to get started? Start by completing an application for admission and provide transcripts from your current and previous educational institutions. Transfer admission decisions will be based upon your academic records at all educational institutions you've attended. You must be in good academic standing and eligible to return immediately to the last institution you attended.

Accreditation Requirements for Transfer Course

Degree credit work taken at a fully accredited college or university is recognized credit hour for credit hour. Quarter hours are recognized as two-thirds (2/3) of a semester hour. In order to be classified as fully accredited, a college or university must be a member of an accrediting association.

Academic credit from a non-accredited college or university may be obtained by special subject examinations or may be validated by completion of twelve (12) credit hours, excluding developmental or remedial courses, with a grade point of at least 2.0.

Transfer Course Equivalency Appeals

College staff attempt to make valid course equivalencies for recognized transfer courses in a timely manner.

Students who disagree with the credit awarded for transfer courses, and who have supplied all the required supporting information, may appeal the decision by submitting a written request to the Chief Student Affairs Officer

For More Information

For more information about admissions criteria, scholarships, course requirements, and resources to help with your transition to KCTCS,contact the Admissions Office orTransfer Contact at thelocal KCTCS college you plan to attend.

Transfer to a Four-Year College or University

Transfer Credit Information & Policies

Kentucky has several statewide agreements and policies to help you transfer academic credit from one college or university to another as easily as possible. In addition to statewide agreements and policies, KCTCS partners with many public and private institutions to expand your options for seamless transfer.

It is important to note, that in order tobe eligible to receive KCTCS credentials, a student must satisfactorily complete the minimum number of hours required for that credential, including the general education requirements as specified in the KCTCS Board of Regents Policies 4.11 and 4.12 and program requirements, with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Specific requirements for KCTCS credentials and information on KCTCS graduation requirements are included in the KCTCS Catalog. Students are responsible for checking on any changes in these policies and agreements.

Statewide Transfer Policies & Agreements

General Education Transfer Policy

Students with defined professional/career goals requiring a bachelor’s degree may choose to begin their education at a community college then transfer to any four-year college or university. The General Education Transfer Policy is in place between all public colleges and universities in Kentucky, and the KCTCS policy regarding general education certification is outlined in the KCTCS Rules of the Senate, Section V 5.0.4.

Fully General Education Certified

Students who have successfully completed a general education program of 33 credit hours (a minimum of 15 hours completed with KCTCS) will be “fully general education certified”. Students may then transfer these hours altogether as a block. Students must fulfill any additional pre-major requirements of the receiving institution that have not been satisfied through the courses included in the full General Education certification.

Category Certification

Students who have successfully completed only some categories in the 33-credit hour component will be certified for those categories they complete. For example, a student who has completed the six-hour Arts & Humanities requirement of the AA/AS degree may be certified as having met the General Education Transfer Policy’s six-hour Arts & Humanities requirement. Students with “category” certification and/or additional coursework must fulfill the remaining general education requirements for the bachelor degree program.

If you have questions about the General Education Transfer Policy, please contact your college’s Transfer Contact. Completed general education certifications are automatically printed on the official transcript. If the requirements for certification have been completed, but the appropriate certification is not printed on the transcript, contact the college registrar’s office to request the appropriate certification be added to your transcript and request an additional transcript including the certification.


Applied Associate Transfer Policy

Kentuckys Applied Associate Transfer Policy guarantees that the general education courses you take as part of an applied associate in science (AAS) degree program will transfer and count toward the lower-division general education requirements of your transfer school. You will need to take additional courses (not included in your AAS program) to complete these requirements.

Completer Degrees

Completer Degrees allow students who complete an associate degree, AA/AS or AAS to transfer credits to a bachelors degree program at a public university in Kentucky and to complete the program in close to the same number of credit hours as a student who began at the university.

  • Eastern Kentucky University - Bachelor in General Studies
  • Kentucky State University - Bachelor in Liberal Studies
  • Morehead State University Bachelor of University Studies
  • Murray State University - Bachelor in Integrated Studies
  • Northern Kentucky University - Bachelor in Organizational Leadership
  • University of Louisville - Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership & Learning (formerly Workforce Leadership)
  • Western Kentucky University - Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

KCTCS System-wide Transfer Agreements

System-wide transfer agreements have been established with specific four-year colleges and universities and are available in a number of different program areas/majors. System-wide transfer agreements create a pathway for students at any KCTCS college that offers the program, to a comparable program at a specific four-year college or university.