Do You Have Questions About Transferring? | KCTCS

Do You Have Questions About Transferring?

How do I get information about transferring to the college or university in which I'm interested?

Simply request information from a Transfer Contact at a KCTCS college, a Transfer Contact at a four-year college/university, go directly to their transfer web site.

What are the key deadlines that I need to be aware of?

The following deadlines are critical in your transfer planning from KCTCS to another college or university:

  • Admission application deadlines
  • Financial Aid application deadline
  • Scholarship application deadlines
  • Housing application deadline
  • Tuition and Fee payment deadlines
  • KCTCS graduation forms and processes deadlines

Is there an advantage to completing my degree at KCTCS before transferring to another college or university?

Youll find completing your degree at KCTCS and then transferring to the college or university of your choice is cheaper, faster, and easier. By taking courses and completing your degree at KCTCS you can save money. And by completing coursework at KCTCS, you may be eligible for transfer scholarships. Research shows that if you complete your degree at KCTCS before transferring you are much more likely to complete your bachelor degree and in less time than students who transfer before getting their KCTCS degree. And, if you have an associate degree, you can take full advantage of the policies and agreements that are in place to help you transfer.

Are there any programs, services or campus events to help transfer students explore their options for transfer?

Yes! KCTCS and colleges and universities across Kentucky offer a range of programs and services, and host a number of events to you help you decide on the right college or university as well as program study. To learn about events and programs, visit the website or contact the Transfer contact of the school you wish to learn about.

How will my credits transfer from KCTCS to the college or university I choose?

You can find out how your KCTCS credits will transfer in a number of ways.

  1. You can preview how your credits will transfer to several public Kentucky universities using KnowHow2Transfer.
  2. You can talk with an Academic Advisor or Transfer Contact at your local KCTCS college.
  3. You can talk with the Transfer Contact or appropriate faculty or staff at your college or university of choice.
  4. You can review KCTCS transfer agreements to see if an agreement exists in your major.

Are there financial resources to help me transfer?

Yes! There are a number of financial aid and transfer scholarship options available to help you finance your educational goals.