Contacts and Advising Information


Transfer Contacts are specific people on campus dedicated to make your transfer as smooth as possible. Get in touch with a Transfer contact at your nearest KCTCS college, or a Transfer contact at a four-year college/university to help with the transfer process, or to learn more about transfer.

Advising Information

Transfer Websites

Most colleges and universities also provide key pieces of information you need about transfer on their web sites. If you are interested in beginning the transfer process, be sure to visit their web sites and become familiar with their requirements. (knowhow2goky) is an automated tool that allows you to select the college or university to which you want to transfer and see how your KCTCS courses will transfer. Currently Eastern Kentucky University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, University of Kentucky, and Western Kentucky University are all a part of the System. For more information about how your credits will transfer to a college or university not available through, please talk with the Transfer Contact at that college or university.

Transfer Handbook

A Transfer Handbook has been developed specifically to help you choose a major, create a plan, and take action in transferring to the college or university of your choice. You can view and print an electronic copy of the Transfer Handbook. Or you can request a copy of the Transfer Handbook from any of the Transfer Contacts, or by contacting the Council on Postsecondary Education directly. Logo is a web site dedicated to providing transfer information resources to encourage you to transfer and to help you create a plan and explore your options. You will find an electronic version of the Transfer Handbook as well as other information about transfer events and activities.