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Corporate Education

How Can Learn On Demand Help Your Business?


Employees are consistent when asked what contributes most to their satisfaction, according to research from BlessingWhite: Among eight options, nearly 50% put their top two choices as “more opportunities to do what I do best” and “career development opportunities and training.”

One of the most cost effective methods of developing employees is to provide educational opportunities. Learn on Demand offers two key benefits with ease of access and credit for prior learning. Online learning provides all employees with access to the same information, where and when they need it. Learn on Demand provides employees the ability to earn and maintain professional degrees, certifications, and diplomas via on-demand content and connection with instructors facilitating each course.

Employees engaged in their own development that is supported and encouraged by their employer have an investment in the organization and are more productive, more efficient and more competitive. Learn on Demand is the perfect solution for affordable, targeted employee education and development.