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Orientation to Learn By Term

Learn By Term learning refers to courses and programs offered via the Internet. The main difference between Learn By Term and traditional courses is the delivery format, not the content. Learn By Term courses go through the same rigorous curriculum process established by our colleges, and they are taught by qualified instructors. KCTCS offers five different kinds of Learn By Term classes: KYVC elearning, WEB-ENHANCED, & WEB LOCAL

  1. Web enhanced course:
    A class that regularly meets weekly on campus and uses the Web to supplement instruction;
  2. Complete elearning course (if proctored exams are required, one is preferred and no more than two with justification);
  3. Complete elearning courses offered for local area only (if proctored exams are required at the delivering colleges, one is preferred and no more than two with justification);
  4. Hybrid:
    A class that meets approximately 50 percent of meetings/proctored exams onsite and 50 percent online creating added capacity for onsite classes;
  5. Blended:
    A class that uses a combination of technologies, CMS, ITV, KET.

Highlights of Learn By Term

Learn By Term offers flexibility and convenience for adult learners. You may access the course from a computer with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week from home, work, a college campus, or public library.

Except for taking the quizzes and turning in the assignments when they are due, your schedule is up to you.

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