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Dr. Keith Bird states that at the system level there are nine key principles that drive the work of the career pathways initiative. These principles are:

  1. Career Pathways is not a "program" it is a systemic framework for a new way of doing business.
  2. Career Pathways are a strategic tool for institutional transformation.
  3. Career Pathways are policy and funding levers.
  4. Career Pathways are a transition tool from secondary to post-secondary to life long learning.
  5. Career Pathways are an economic development tool.
  6. Career Pathways are a tool to strengthen and formalize connections to business.
  7. Career Pathways are a tool to enhance community strategic partnerships, with particular focus on the public workforce investment system.
  8. Career Pathways are an upward mobility tool for individuals.
  9. Career Pathways are an accountability tool.