Happy Cyber Security Month!

Thank you for all you do to help keep our systems safe and your help in contributing to good cyber hygiene at KCTCS! Here are some security tips and reminders to help keep your information safe: 

  • We will never ask you to verify your account 
  • We will never ask for your password  
    • In addition to the above, we do NOT endorse Google Forms for collecting your KCTCS login information. 
  • We do NOT endorse job opportunity emails with links that collect information via Google Forms
  • We will never ask you to change your account information from scanning a QR code
  • We will never ask you to provide your verification code to confirm your identity via text, email, or phone call.  Do NOT share this code with anyone, even those claiming to be from KCTCS 

 The best way to avoid scams is to approach all unexpected messages, offers, and phone calls with a healthy skepticism. Helpful habits include:

  • Always think twice before clicking on links or opening attachments, even if they look like they're from someone you know. If you’re not sure, contact the sender by a different method you know is legitimate to confirm they sent it (e.g., they send an email, you make a phone call).
    • This applies to text messages too!
  • Verify requests for private information. Remember, con artists know how to fake their identities.
  • Protect your passwords. Make them long and strong, never reveal them to anyone, and use different passwords for different accounts.

And last but certainly not least!

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Cybersecurity

  1. Do NOT click on links or attachments sent from unknown sources!
  2. Do NOT reuse your KCTCS password on other 3rd party websites!
  3. Do NOT use your KCTCS email for 3rd party websites
  4. DO keep an eye on Phishing scams and report emails from unknown sources to your IT team
  5. DO use two-factor authentication on all supported services
  6. Do NOT overshare information on social media platforms!
  7. DO keep your devices updated regularly!
  8. Do NOT acknowledge texts / phone calls / voicemails that attempt to scare you into responding
  9. Do NOT send private information in an email.  Ask for a more secure method to send your information.
  10. Do NOT use public wifi hotspots for your shopping/banking needs!