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If you have received a student loan or are considering loans to help pay for your education please read this. Below you will find helpful resources, frequently asked questions regarding loans and loan repayment. You may also want to visit our financial literacy page. This information is provided to help you determine if loans are the right option for you and provide you with tools to manage your finances, including budgeting to repay your loans.

Helpful Resources:

  • Know your loan repayment amounts: Estimate your future monthly loan repayment cost using the Federal Student Aid Repayment Calculator.
  • Know your loan repayment options: There are several repayment plans available, here is an overview of Direct Loan and FFEL Program repayment Plans, you can also contact you loan servicer for more information.
  • Know the starting salaries in your field: You can use the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook to estimate salaries for different careers or research employment opportunities advertised in the area where you plan to live to get an idea of a local starting salary.