Pathfinder's Story

The old ones speak of the Pathfinder as a traveler of great wisdom and curiosity. They say he is a seeker, a giver of truth and a source of strength. His pioneer spirit runs through the blood of every Kentuckian and his timeless presence continues to guide and pave the way for any traveler journeying to new and unfamiliar destinations.

The Pathfinder has seen many changes over the decades. The challenges facing the travelers he seeks to guide today are vastly different than those of the early settlers who came to this great land to seek fortune and a new way of life. While these explorers have the same goals as their forefathers, they face a very different journey one requiring education and training. With the Pathfinder's assistance they are able to focus on an educational destination, find a clear path to a degree or credential and have the confidence, endurance and strength needed to complete their journey.