Budget & Financial Planning



The KCTCS Office of Budget and Financial Planning provides premier decision support for effective financial planning and efficient use of KCTCS resources.



The mission of the KCTCS Office of Budget and Financial Planning is centered on developing processes to ensure premier fiscal planning and management for KCTCS, its colleges and system support offices. 


Our Functions

The primary functions of the KCTCS Office of Budget and Financial Planning are:

  1. Serve as the business office for the KCTCS System Office

  2. Direct the development of the annual and biennial operating budgets

  3. Administer the KCTCS Funding Allocation Model and Public Funds Calculation Process

  4. Research and develop financial reporting, forecasting and management tools for the operating units of KCTCS

  5. Review and develop policy to ensure prudent fiscal planning and use of funds

  6. Conduct annual review of internal and external benchmark data

  7. Assist colleges in the management and planning of unrestricted and gift budgets

  8. Administer tools to maximize KCTCS  resources and better utilize space

  9. Assist in the dissemination of training and professional development to faculty and staff systemwide


Budget Books                  Biennial Budgets