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Hazardous Waste FAQs

All questions regarding hazardous waste should be directed to Christy Giles or Greg Bonner.

What kind of waste can I have picked up?

All hazardous waste can be included in your inventory, such as batteries, ballasts, spent fluorescent bulbs, paint, pesticides, print shop graphic arts waste, chemistry lab waste, etc. Biological waste will not be picked up by the contractor.

When will my waste be picked up?

Once the System Office receives your inventory, a PO will be issued to the hazardous waste contractor. The contractor will call, e-mail and send an Outlook calendar request to each campus contact. The pickup time will be scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The schedule provided will be tentative, and pickup times are subject to change.

How do I submit my hazardous waste to the System Office?

Each college and campus must submit a hazardous waste inventory form to the Division of Environmental Health and Safety.

Can I transport hazardous waste off campus or between campuses at my college?

No. OSHA and State EPA regulations do not permit hazardous waste to be transported without a permit.

What do I do with the manifest after my hazardous waste is picked up?

Keep a copy of the manifest in your campus business office. If/When an OSHA or EPA official arrives on your campus, a copy of the manifest must be readily available.