Bluegrass :: Leestown Campus
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Welcome to Leestown Campus!

Katie is in the Construction Technology classroom with her tool belt on. She offers to begin the tour.

Getting Started!

Standing outside the welcome center, Katie welcomes you to look at the one-stop center inside. Inside, she stands at a desk in the admissions office. Then, she is in the one-stop hallway where program information is on the wall.


Two men work on a piece of wood in the classroom; A student wearing protective eyewear cuts metal;  A man uses a saw to cut something; A man is drawing on a piece of wood; A man is using a machine tool; a man is welding; camera pans to large hallway; a student works on painting a car; a man is welding a car part.

Jason is standing near a machine.


April sits by her skin care client.

Come on by!

Katie is outside on a park bench.

Leestown Campus

Welcome to our Leestown Campus, located at:

164 Opportunity Way
Lexington, KY 40511-2623
(859) 246-6200

Follow the tour to learn more!